Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits Keep Lake Tahoe BeautifulEnvironmental compliance audits are a preventative maintenance tool used to keep businesses from inadvertently harming the environment by not complying with pertinent regulations, or simply by not being aware of their responsibilities.

The audit tool addresses the practices of a business with respect to air quality, waste water discharge, hazardous waste generation, and hazardous materials storage.

Environmental compliance audits benefit the property owner or manager by reviewing manufacturing operations and chemical management before the environment may be jeopardized.

The audit tool reduces the ability of a potential environmental hazardous condition from escalating into a damaging liability issue.

The environmental compliance audit process includes the following:

  • A site walk-through of the owner’s facility
  • An interview with the owner/manager┬áregarding compliance methods
  • An evaluation of existing permits and operations
  • A determination of types and quantities of hazardous materials stored or hazardous wastes generated
  • A review of record keeping to determine disposal methods
  • A summary of the audit process with recommendations to reduce future liabilities